Cone-Pre Roll-Sativa

Price each:$6

When I first noticed the bag of Standard brand pre-rolls in our office I was struck by how big the black pop top containers were, piquing my curiosity if this was a new premium hash infused, oil dipped, honeycomb sprinkled super joint the size of a Cuban.  Well, it’s nothing like that, but being a top shelf preroll with no extras but a filter, don’t let the absence of hash fool you.  Even with the name Standard, there was a high-end label feel to their presentation and when I pulled out mine I was even more surprised they didn’t contain any hash given how thick they were (mind you, not cigar thick, but impressive for a pre-roll, nonetheless). The Standard brand pre-roll is 1 gram of a hybrid top shelf blend, with the tagline on the container reading “be a fragrance, not an odor.”  The pre-rolls are king size, nicely packed, has a RAW brand filter, and for my first morning smoke I hoped this would set my day off right. From the looks of this, I think it will.  At the first hit, I can already tell nothing about this preroll is actually ‘standard’.  The taste was surprisingly good, a fruity/berry blend that was not expected.  What else wasn’t expected was the cerebral stimulation that came from a pre-roll. I was feeling extremely creative, focused, and mentally energized, yet bodily relaxed.  The high lasts for a decent amount of time while the pre-roll burns slow.  This is definitely a high that if alone will get you into your head, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing.  In a social setting, I feel this would greatly help someone who struggles with crowds and anxiety.  And in that relaxed, dreamy state you will easily feel a transition into sleep if you try to finish the whole thing.  All in all, Standard Pre-rolls are a fantastic addition to the Kind family and priced at only $6 this is _well_ worth the ride.