Pre-Roll Indica

Price each:$6

1 gram premium flower in a cone with a filter made with organic raw papers

Review from driver T-roy:

I’m going to start this review with a note that these are NOT the same Standard brand Prerolls we had before, with the green and pink labels for sativas and indicas, but the name Standard really fits these new filtered, upgraded Prerolls pretty perfectly to me.  They’re fairly priced above the hand and stub rolled prerolls that come in packs that I make, and I have to say, on my test run I was blown away by the simplicity but also strength, as this isn’t a Death Rocket or even a Hash Bullet level. But still packs the needed punch you’re looking for. As I was enjoying my sample quite throughly, I kept thinking about Ford F-150 trucks.  That simple but tough reliability? Simple, but long lasting? That’s what these new Prerolls are like. Seriously, I got something like 40 nice sips, puffs, tokes, and hits off this thing. No joke. These are really well made with Raw brand filters and papers, mine and Stacey’s preferred brand.  I was only a quarter of the way through my new Indica preroll and I could tell you already by that point they’re equal to if not better than the Standard brand.  Effects are a little milder than Standard but it’s burning perfectly and I’m getting a strong, solid hit every time.  I tested another the next night and the same level of quality was present and accounted for, burning evenly down to the filter, offering a nice buzz, and a whole lotta hits.  In conclusion, I honestly hope everyone gets to try these. I love me a good solid preroll and this one doesn’t disappoint!