Hash Bullet Sativa

Price each:$10

Hash bullets are committed to high quality, fast, sustainable relief. In-house grown flowers are infused with organic, solvent-free hash for a safe smooth consistent delivery. Each bullet is rolled with a filter for the on the go connoisseur seeking a high quality flavor and experience every time. Our mission is designed to concentrate the strength of two of your average cannabis cigarettes into the size of one. 

Looking like little firecrackers in a glass vial with a fancy cork top, our new Hash Bullets are packed with a dynamic hash and flower blend that will blow you away. My test subject was Platinum OG for the flower, and SFVOG for the hash. I’m simultaneously excited and nervous to try this, mainly because the filter is almost as long as the actual pre-roll. So either this packs a lot of punch in a tiny package, or they blended it to just a perfect measuring to get the job done. Either way, I was looking forward to trying this as my first review in a long while.  And after just two hits I’m seriously feeling this tiny but very potent preroll.  Even after your first immediate hit you know there’s something…extra…to the way this blends a beautiful taste with a smooth drag.  I’m about halfway through this little dynamo and I’m feeling extremely stony and lifted, like gliding on a magic carpet ride. After about another 20 minutes my eyes are droopy, watery, red, and I can barely stay awake to write the end of this review.  Note: I did knockout after about half an hour and it kept me asleep all night. These little guys are rockets in a vial, so if you’re looking for a strong, heavy pre-roll that’s also easier on the pocketbook, these Hash Bullets can do wonders for you!