Hash Blunt Sativa Grape

Price each:$15

Hash blunts are committed to high quality, fast, sustainable relief. In-house grown flowers are infused with organic, solvent-free hash for a safe smooth consistent delivery. Each blunt is rolled with a filter for the on the go connoisseur seeking a high quality flavor and experience every time. Our mission is designed to concentrate the strength of two of your average cannabis cigarettes into the size of one.
We have blunts! The new Hash Blunts – the longer silky-smoother tasting cousin to the Hash Bullets – are here in a delicious grape and strawberry flavoring for a fabulous experience I would love for everyone to try. I’ll admit it I’m a sucker for blunts myself because of the strong flavoring of the wrapping, so the fact these don’t have just bud but are infused with high quality hash to take your experience to the next level is just heavenly. Now that I’ve rediscovered them I think they might be in the top three favorite products we carry. The high is strong too, strong enough for a big guy with a high tolerance like me to only need about three good hits to be set for the next 45 minutes to an hour. The high is gentle, clean, tasty like a treat, and will put you in a great spot for a while. ;And of course being a blunt the slow burn lets you truly enjoy the flavoring and the high. The first hits are strong so go easy on them, they are basically more flavorful Hash Bullets so unless you’re wanting to get stoned to the bone you may want to go gentle on these. Highly recommended, the Hash Bullets are, in my opinion, one of the best additions to the Kinder menu and offers a strong but lovely high with an amazing flavoring in Sativa, Hybrid, or Indica. Perfect for whatever relief you need.