CBD Living-Pre Roll-Hawaiian Haze

Price each:$10

Our Hawaiian Haze Pre-Roll brings a wave of warm citrus, sour diesel, and tropical fruit.

1 gram pre-roll 140 mg CBD per Individual Container

Ingredients: Proprietary Hemp Flower 140 MG (Cannabidiol / CBD)

*Prerolls contains up to 0.3% THC*

Review by Troy
Friends, I’m over the moon to introduce this new product. If we’ve spoken at your door you know that pre-rolls, blunts, hash bullets, and joints are my personal go-to’s. I love flower, edibles, wax, and almost everything else on the menu too, but pre-rolls have a special place in my heart for the simple ease of use for me. Kind has some new pre-rolls that are a bit different from the rest because we now finally have CBD pre-rolls! Now, I’ve come across many a people who have claimed they don’t think CBD does anything at all, and I will be the first to put that nonsense the rest. And these pre-rolls prove my point. Back in the days of Mr. Frosty, Suzy-Q, and other CBD flower we used to carry I discovered the power of CBD whenever I would throw my back out. Ironically enough, and with a dash of serendipity and a sprinkle of coincidence, the very week we got these new pre-rolls my sciatica started acting up again. We have four different flavors but the one that I noticed was the most effective for me was called Hawaiian Haze. Did it completely cure my sciatica? No, of course not, walking and stretching are best for that, but did they give me nearly instant pain relief? Yes it did! But whenever I have a pinched nerve, body pain, headaches, sore muscles, nausea, or any other physical body pain CBD internally gobbles it up and I feel like a new man. Check out the new CBD Living Prerolls in Hawaiian Haze, OG, Pineberry, and Sour Space Candy flavors if you’re hurting, sore, achy, or just need to physically relax those tired bones of yours. Kind has you covered.