Wonka Barz

1/8 oz $45

Review from Driver T-roy:

Come with me, and you’ll be, in a wooooorld of pure stonerization, living there you can see just how baked you can truly beeee…  Yes, Wonka Bars, delicious little rock-ike nugs that actually could look like candy if you squinted hard enough are here to set a peaceful and relaxing session to your day.  Basically the exact opposite of going through Willy’s scary boat tunnel.  This is definitely a middle of the road hybrid in that mentally I’m awake but my eyes and body are chilled and calm.  If you’re nervous or anxious about something you’re dealing with, this strain should ease your stress without falling asleep and give you the imagination to tackle it.

The burn rate is pretty low for Wonka Bars, when I only get three, maybe four hits before ashing, but those hits are enough to get the job done, setting a breezy mental tone and ease those nerves.  You could even say it’s the perfect weekend strain: strong, relaxing, and happy and up, like winning a Golden Ticket! Wonka Bars is an Indoor Hybrid that’ll chill you out like an oompa-loompa after a hard day at the factory.