White Cookies

1/8 oz $45

Review from driver T-roy:

You ready to relax?  You ready to chill?  You ready for a heady, sleep inducing bud that’ll get you headed on the express train to Snoozeville?  Grab some White Cookies because I’m pretty sure one of the ingredients for these cookies might be a little sprinkling of CBN, the cannabinoid that is strictly for sleeping and insomnia.  Fun fact, years ago when I first started with Kind we carried something called The White and I’ve been looking for it ever since because it was so heavy and relaxing that it would put me out like a light in 15 minutes without ever wearing off for four nights in a row. Now that was a straight Indica, while this is an Indica-leaning Hybrid, so this is similar not so much in strength, though it still does the job and had me struggling to stay awake, but the speed of how fast the relaxing, sleepy vibes hit is impressive.  I’m not falling asleep right now, but I’m definitely on the fast track and yawning like a python that just swallowed a goat.  Fair warning, this is a hybrid but it’s definitely a heavier hybrid, couch-locky and chillaxing, this would be a great first bud to try for some new to cannabis and needing something calming. If you smoke enough of most hybrids you’ll eventually pass out. White Cookies just facilitates the process.