Tropical Cherry

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Tropical Cherry is a borderline sativa/hybrid.   Can be a bit of a spacey high but otherwise tends to produce typical sativa traits.


Genetics and General Information

Tropicana Cherry is a slightly sativa dominant hybrid strain created through crossing the infamous Tropicana Cookies and Cherry Cookies strains. Love a super heavy flavor? Tropicana Cherry is the bud for you. This lovely lady packs flavors of sweet and sour citrus wrapped up with overly ripe cherries and earthy nuttiness, intensifying in fruitiness the more that you toke



By Mike

Both Troy and myself are working on trying to get a full review of this strain done.  I have smoked it a few times and really liked it.  Interesting and strong taste with smooth smoke.   I feel an uplifting euphoric effect typical of sativas but not a productive one.  At least for me, this was a great stress reliever as I felt really good, but unable to focus on my issues of the moment.  I found it similar to the purple starburst, another borderline sativa/hybrid we have recently had on menu.



Medicinal Uses:

THC dominant Sativa strains such as Tropical Cherry tend to act as more of a stimulant with a cerebral or “heady” high.   Many patients have had great success treating symptons in the areas of appetite stimulation, relieving depression, migraines, chronic pain and nausea.

Some people, particulary those who have been diagnosed ADD or ADHD can have the Indica/Sativa scale flip on them.  For many of these patients Indicas will provide the effect typical of Sativas.  And this strain will actually induce Indica like effects.  For those patients this strain would act in a more sedative or relaxant.   For those patients this would be a good strain for treating the symptoms of medical conditions such as anxiety, chronic pain, insomnia, muscle spasms and tremors.  

Strains such as Tropical Cherry which are more of an even hybrid genetically, but tend to produce more sativa like results may produce relief for any of the symptoms listed above.