Triple OG

1/8 oz $45

Triple OG gets its name from its three parent strains Triangle Kush, Constantine and Master Yoda. It was first cultivated by Walker Wade Labs and usually produces a THC level in the mid-20’s.

Review from driver T-roy:

Some people have preferences to Kushes, some to OG’s, and some like Glues.  I like all three, but with an OG, at least I know right off the bat what I’m getting: something chillaxing.  The new Triple OG, had me excited with the general aesthetic of the nugs and the awesome aroma coming from the bags… and the name too, of course  I was expecting to be barreled over given the name, but surprisingly, while I was quite relaxed I was also cheery, talkative, up, and the session brought back lots of good memories, sparking a cerebral blaze and getting me chatty.  This is a fun, happy high that set me in a good mental place, but still overall relaxing and great for socializing despite being an Indica.  Triple OG didn’t energize me – in fact I felt a heaviness and a weightiness to my body, bordering on couch-lock.  I probably could’ve gotten some things done physically, but this is a great bud for any mental challenges but are still looking to relax and unwind.