The Kind

1/8 oz $50

The Kind is back! Beautiful crystally buds, dark green and red hairs. This batch doesn’t have the dark purples like last time…purple color needs cool temp to develop. Super tasty and stoney! It’s original name is Pie-Ho so know we know some of the secret genetics…it’s Cherry Pie x Tahoe OG. I knew there was a reason its so so tasty and great smelling!  It usually tests over 25%, we are getting it into the lab soon but wanted to get it on menu ASAP! Don’t miss out!

Review from driver T-roy:

Fruity and very pungent with a distinct aroma, The Kind is a scrumptious, dusty bud of wonderfulness that will get you stoney and schwifty with just a few little tokes.  It burns nice as a slow roller and can get at least six to seven good hits from an average sized bud in your bowl, so you know you’re getting your money’s worth.  The results are heavy eyes, and a some brain cell activity delay, but it is easy on the throat and with mild to medium strength so you won’t feel like a complete dunce.  The Kind is perfect for a novice or the casual smoker too, packing a gentle punch with just a few hits.  Feels like this would be a good strain for coming off a hangover too, but be warned this will make you a little stupid, so after a long hard day of anything, park your butt in front of the tv and unwind with The Kind, just don’t expect to get any studying, hard work, or anything else done because this will get you lazy and slow you down a tic.  As it is very stoney, think of it as Gorilla Glue Light, and not as cerebrally activating.  Great for relaxing, easing the nerves, and anxiety.