1/8 oz $50

Green little emerald jewels is what you’ll find in your bag of tricks marked: Strawnana. This indoor Sativa gem is a lovely and magical experience waiting to happen and just arrived on the menu! We’ve had quite a few variations of the Strawnana strains run through the menu this year, with the incredible Hybrid Outdoor GMO x Strawnana (a favorite of mine) still available right now! This original, pure Strawnana – the mother of them all – offers an clear-headed but uplifted high, with nary a hint of brain fog or sleepiness, but a gentle uplifting energy that gets your mental cogs and gears turning.

To prove how creatively energizing this strain is, I haven’t stopped writing this review up to this point since my very first nug. The words are flowing and the ideas are blooming, so no question this is on the high end of the Sativa spectrum, far from any Hybrid or Indica traces, and offering up a big helping of creative energy.  This strain would be the perfect brain fuel before going to the gym, running errands, or anything physical to make for a better, heightened experience.