Strawberry Skittles

1/8 oz $50

Review from driver T-roy:

Strawberry Skittles
The dense but slightly fluffy nugs of Strawberry Skittles is like the MJ equivalent of an onion, able to peel back various leafy layers (unlike something dense enough to be tiny little rocks like Girl Scout Cookies) and will get you buzzing and feeling good! This is a fun bud to pick apart to really see how pretty and multicolored it actually is and to appreciate how dense these little nugs are. The stems are ensconced in green, orange, and crystal goodness so be sure to grind these up for optimal effects.  Light lime green with a ton of orange hairs you’d think this would come from an orange family but the strawberry fruity aroma is undeniable, as is the taste.  I had the familiar tingling behind the eyes, and a calming and peaceful reaction after a few hits.  Not necessarily sleepy, tired, or couch-locked, but at peace, happy, even a bit of focus.  I’d put this in the heavy sativa category, putting me in a nice euphoric state with its sweet berry flavoring and smell but awakening my brain for some tasks.  This would be a great comparison to orange cremesicle but with a more strawberry flavoring, of course.  Maybe that’s where the orangey impression is coming from.  Check out the new Strawberry Skittles for a functional daytime flower that’ll get you calm but productive.