Strawberry Lemonade

1/8 oz $50

Replacing the fuzzy Orange Crush is a new delicious, aromatic, and refreshing strain Strawberry Lemonade.  This new colorfully colored bud is a pretty bright green with a bit of density, but the big personality of this strain comes from the smell. Like Fruity Pebbles, this sweet smelling bud is a great starter to a creative and lasting session that’s uplifting and strong enough you can smell it the second you open the bag. The other notable aspect is the burn rate – holy cow! I was able to get a good 9-10 hits from this flower. It just kept burning, so I just kept puffing! Being a Sativa, it was a lovely open-eyed experience with a bit of mental stimulation and an energizing effect – the perfect bud for the afternoon lull and fighting off a nap.

And with the density and the perfect amount of dryness these flowers burn beautifully and continuously if you let it. It also tempts you to burn through it all fast as it’s burning in your bowl too. Strawberry Lemonade is a great mood stabilizer too as the focus was strong and noticeable. Not going to lie, this may be one of the best most complete and all around fulfilling strains on the menu: Colorful, pretty, burns amazingly, tasty and sweet, smells strong, and the effects are fantastic and very noticeable from just a little nug. This isn’t going to last long folks.