Strawberry Durban

1 g $201/8 oz $501/4 oz $1001/2 oz $2001 oz $360

This sativa dominant strain comes from a cross of Strawberry Fields and Dads Durbin. Common effects from strains like this can include an uplifted even focused and euphoric mood. Its bouquet offers a very fruity aroma with hints of strawberry and mango.

I have been looking forward to this review since I laid eyes on this strain. It looks amazing under light and has a lovely sweet smell. I swear sometimes the best part of using a grinder is the olfactory delight that follows. It really releases the smell of the various terpenes. A kind of mixed fruity flavor that is hard to identify and harder to resist. I take a long slow hit and hold it for a few seconds, nearly coughing…but I am able to suppress it. There is something, maybe tartness under the sweet smell that I taste on the exhale. A second try to identify the taste I’m getting and I am at a loss. It tastes just fine, just not sure how to describe it.

As the high sets in I can really feel this strains lineage get to work. There is no such thing as a “pure” sativa or indica, they are all hybrids. Some just lean more one way or the other and this one is most certainly in the sativa camp. Its 10pm and I worked a 10 hour shift and Im feeling ready to do something! A smile has crept across my face as a hazy euphoric energy is forming in my brain. As the night went on and I continued to nurse my bowl I was able to stay fairly active and alert while maintaining a happy uplifting buzz. This is an utterly delightful sweet and euphoric ride. If you are looking for a strong sativa experience, I highly recommend this strain.