Strawberry Bubba

1/8 oz $50
    The new Strawberry Bubba is a heavy, fun, and ultimately sleepy experience now on the menu. Probably one of the densest and long lasting nugs we’ve had in a long time, even giving Girl Scout Cookies a run for its money. Seriously, these buds are hard, rock-like pebbles that straight up were hard to break apart but once lit will turn your place into Cloud City. Given most of them are kinda difficult for me anyway, but these were significantly tight and hard little buds that offer zero fluffiness and all density. The smell is only noticeable directly under the nose and while like tiny little rocks, gems and emeralds are tiny little rocks at the end of the day and this Strawberry Bubba is a gem of bud.
    The effects, also like GSC, is a heavy eyed and colorful blend of light green and clusters of orange hairs and the finest coating of crystals. Pretty little flowers. But not only pretty and dense but WOW I think this maybe the highest burn rate we’ve ever had for a flower in the history of Kind. No joke: a good 10–11 hits from a flower that burns continuously like a red dwarf star in your bowl which is great for a pass around, but I say just keep puffing for yourself, and you’ll be flying in NO TIME. Be sure to pick up this new and very unique Indica Strawberry Bubba that is very heavy, reminiscent, and perhaps an even better version of Girl Scout Cookies.