Sour Sunset

1/8 oz $45

I think I may have just come across one of the coughiest strains I’ve ever encountered.   The buds aren’t very assuming, either, so I was taken off guard by their strength.  In fact outside of the darker shade of green there isn’t too much exciting about the bud visually, but with that perfect amount of squish-to-crumble ratio, it’s the effects that will set you sailing for the sun dipping below the horizon.  The burn rate is below average, only getting three or four hits, but you won’t need much, you’ll be hacking plenty on your first puff.  I sure was.  Added with the exploding lungs is a nice heady and relaxing experience that is a precise hybrid feeling of chillness and awareness.  I only needed about three hits to get the full effects of a scratchy throat, watery eyes, and that undeniable hybrid vibe of relaxation and serenity.  This is very much middle of the road, a true hybrid, not really hyping me up or causing any drowsiness. I’m just perfectly chilled, just like a Hybrid should.  Just remember to cover your mouth when you cough.