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 Light, happy and functional.  Excellent for those who seek a head change but still have stuff to do!


Genetics and General Information

A phenotype of the legendary strain Girl Scout Cookies.  Essentially born from the same genes as GSC, but they expressed themselves more as a sativa.



By Troy

Summer is here autumn, pumpkins, and Halloween are already on the minds of a lot of people. Kind is taking it a whole season further than that, even though here in Orange County snow is about as common as tornados and hurricanes. The pine tree Illgreen Snowman is our newest tasty Sativa on the menu that is pungent, energizing, introspective, and uplifting. These dark green nugs have a pretty structure and a soft squishy feel that is a sure sign of Sativa goodness. The nugs are easily pickapartable and have a crumbling effect that is begging to burn in your bowl. The squish of the bud structure gives it that high burn rate too and after just a few hits there is an undeniable feeling of heady, relaxing euphoria but not without a heavier dose of existentialism and cerebral creativity, even an active drive to work on some projects. This is definitely a sativa in that I feel energizing enough to want to tackle some things on my mind, but not jittery enough to feel like I OD’ed on high octane espresso either. Think of it like a mirror reflection of Blue Dream minus the orange hairs and blueberry flavoring. The flavoring is a bit on the diesel side which only enriches the sativa spectrum of being a cousin to Blue Dream, which both it and Snowman are my favorite Sativas on the menu right now. Snatch Frosty’s pipe from your stash box and enjoy the new Sativa Snowman – a focused, happy high that’s going to melt off the shelves in no time.


Medicinal Uses:

THC dominant Sativa strains such as Snowman tend to act as more of a stimulant with a cerebral or “heady” high.   Many patients have had great success treating symptons in the areas of appetite stimulation, relieving depression, migraines, chronic pain and nausea.

Some people, particularly those who have been diagnosed ADD or ADHD can have the Indica/Sativa scale flip on them.  For many of these patients Indicas will provide the effect typical of Sativas.  And this strain will actually induce Indica like effects.  For those patients this strain would act in a more sedative or relaxant.   For those patients this would be a good strain for treating the symptoms of medical conditions such as anxiety, chronic pain, insomnia, muscle spasms and tremors.