Purple OG

1/8 oz $45

Review from driver T-roy:

The new new Purple OG Indica strain is a fluffy, leafy and sweet smelling indoor Hybrid that certainly leans Indica, but how could it not with a name like that? There is a bit of density to the buds too so you are able to get a good 5-6 hits from your bowl.  Which will lead to a cloudy and unfocused experience that will most likely cause some serious stoney vibes or a nice nap.  This strain is pretty heavy for a hybrid, that is if you can tear yourself away from the fridge.  This gave me the munchies like you wouldn’t believe which added to the perfect stoner experience: foggy headed and hungry for snackage!  Of course, after noshing comes the heavy eyes and the brainfog slipping into a sleepy dreamy state that was a struggle to fight. In any case, I felt this stuff almost immediately and it was one of the most perfect high experiences ever.  I can imagine an out of town friend or relative who’s itching to come to Cali to smoke some Mary-Ju-Wanna (we all know someone) give them this.  They’ll be completely satisfied and you will too.  Purple OG is perfect for relaxing, napping, and as an appetite booster.