Purple Haze

1/8 oz $50

Just as the song taught us, Purple Haze up in my brain, indeed.  The new Sativa leaning Purple Haze is here, a strong and smoky bud that has just the right amount of dry factor to offer a fantastic burn rate and and great session of alertness, creativity, and good vibes.  This is one of those strains that so goes against the stereotype of stoney, lethargic, inactive brain fog that you’d think the buds frosty coating was a soft methamphetamine. This would be a great strain for running errands or taking a hike, as my senses feel slightly heightened – the sun is extra bright, colors and contrasts against the sunlight like green leaves and shadows are extra bold and shimmering to my eyes, as my ears pick up even the tiniest peep from the birds outside.

I feel good, and aware, but calm. Not so much a Hybrid leaning Sativa, but more a Sativa leaning Hybrid. The burn rate is kinda low with the buds being ashy in 3-4 hits but you’re getting every bit of the crystals, orange hairs, and green goodness to alter your brainwaves and perspective. I detected a hint of lavender to the buds, which made me wonder if that was where Purple Haze got its name. A fast acting Sativa strong bud that will open your mind and give you the mental energy to plow through any challenge.