Platinum Sunset

1/8 oz $50

Review from driver T-roy:

What’s that word all the young kids use now to describe their fat pets? Chonky? That was what came to mind when I first saw our newest batch of Platinum Sunset with its fat, lovely, round nugs. An indoor hybrid with just a touch of equal parts squish and density to make a pretty and thick bud ball of fun. The burn rate is kinda on the low side burning up fairly fast but the plumbs of medicinal smoke that erupts from your lungs looks like the beginnings of Holy Jim fire in your living room. I got coughing pretty fast and it was an excellent high from the start. Eyes at half-mast, open minded, creative, and even this review is coming out of me fairly quickly and easily. I’m not quite sleepy but I feel like if I keep laying down the claws of couch-lockdom will pull me down deeper for a quick nap. This strain is definitely a hybrid, and what I feel is a middle of the road kind of high too, which I’ve noticed many of the “Platinum” strains usually are. Let’s talk about the taste too: there’s a sweet even fruity flavoring to this strain with a hint of menthol that reminds me of something else but can’t put my finger on it. I want to say GDP, but most likely Platinum OG, haha. In any case, Platinum Sunset is a fabulous, tasty, effective, and smokearific strain that is perfect hybrid for a creative boost that won’t knock you out or jazz you up.