1/8 oz $50

Review from driver Troy:

One of the prettiest and most aromatic buds of 2021, Papaya is now on the menu ready to wake you up, get those brain cells buzzing, and give you the energy you need. Cracking open your bag is like peeling open a ripe and juicy piece of fruit, while breaking apart the bud itself is like walking into a huge, freshly-picked fruit stand. Same with the taste too, like a delicious fruit cup in your bowl. The bud structure is something that should be noted too because of the tight density of the flowers, the orange-brown hairs on the surface, and the light green coloring (something that’s always a good sign of a strong and effective bud). The brown hair covering the flowers darken it a little but the light dusting of crystals and flakiness reminds me of Gorilla Glue in its size and look. Given, being a Sativa, the vibe is a very lifted one, even getting me out of the edible haze I was drifting through in the morning, fighting fire with fire, so to speak. Papaya got me gassed up and clearheaded to take on the day, and gave me the creative boost to knock out this review pretty quickly and with plenty of bud to spare. All of which are classic signs of a quality Sativa and an uplifted session.