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Kind’s newest, dense nug on the menu—are shaped like pebbles of explosive relaxation, slow-burning calm, and introspective peace. This Indoor Indica offers a stoney, heavy experience that’s perfect for nap sessions, Saturday afternoons, or just easing your way into a restful sleep. Oreo is one of those strains that is like the snack itself: comforting. That calm you feel is the diamond like crystals twinkling at you from the thickets of the tight bud structure and when looking at these beautiful little flowers you can see the stunning and pretty sparkle of feel good vibes awaiting you in your bowl with the naked eye. The green is there too and offering up a relaxing and stoney energy and with its density there’s a lovely burn rate that will cherry beautifully in your bowl over multiple hits. Oreo is just a gorgeous flower anyway, but it also comes with some dusty, flaky bits to the buds that I just love to see because it just means a stronger hit and easier for the flame to break it down. Its prettiness comes from a couple of faint hints of orangey hairs, flecks of purple, and those lovely crystals that make it oh-so-good, but that’s also where the effects are waiting for you. I was feeling chill and relaxed on the first rips, and even a little sleepy leading into a satisfying nap during my review session. Oreo is a great little snack of a bud that packs a sweet punch to set your eyelids to half mast, reddening those eyeballs, and feeling good all over. Just don’t dunk your buds in milk.