Orange Crush

1/8 oz $50

Review from driver T-roy:

Orange Crush is a handsome, light green bud that has an overwhelmingly citrus and and orange (obviously) smell that is just lovely and reminds me of driving through the orange groves of Florida. I’m sure some old school OC folks know exactly what I’m talking about. The taste is just as fruity and tropical, and burns nicely, and is definitely a sativa to wake you up, though, it’s not the jolt of Green Crack or the mind-opening creativity of Blue Dream, but like a strong cup of coffee.  This is a like a nice pick-me-up to start your day or for running errands.  Something else about Orange Crush is the burn rate, being dense and compacted but still retaining a healthy squishy factor, so you’re able to get a good 7-8 hits from one modestly sized nug.  There is a slight menthol taste mixed with the orange flavoring, but just in the first hit, which as we all know, the first hit is the strongest.  Truly, Orange Crush is one of the better, clear-headed sativas on the menu right now, offering up a booster of energy, and even a touch of creativity.