Orange Crush

1/8 oz $50

Four months deep and already past 420, and we may have just gotten the most aromatic and delightfully stinky bud on the menu of 2021! Orange Crush is a stunning and pretty flower that has a lovely, dense bud structure that’s soft and with a bit of squish on the surface but still dense enough for a decent burn rate, and looking tempting in a dark green like pine in early November. But the smell it produces is strong and vibrant, like opening a fresh bag of Fruity Pebbles in the middle of an orange grove.

Every so often we’ll have a strain that’s so strong I can still smell it thought both the delivery bag AND the sealed plastic packaging! Orange Crush may be one of those strains.  As far as the effects I’d say this one is definitely one of the stronger strains we’ve gotten lately, where the smell, the look, and the effects all play well together and really gets the job done. One hit in and I’m feeling the buzz behind my eyes and my writing (like this review) easily flows out of me. If you’re looking for a stoney, creative, and lifted feel-good Sativa strain, Orange Crush is one of my favorites currently on the menu.