OG Kush

1/8 oz $45

Review by our driver Troy:

Dark and pungent, strong and dank were a few of the words I would use to describe the new OG Kush – get ready for a nap or to crash the whole night because this is one strong Indica giving an equally strong cough and hack of your lungs, setting you to Insta-high on one hit.  Trust me, this one is not for the faint of heart.  Heavy, couchlocky, relaxing, mind-melting and face-melting, OG Kush doesn’t mess around and since this is the follow up the the Pre98 Bubba it fills those big shoes quite comfortably.  The buds themselves are just lovely anyway, but the sleepy-eyed, stoney, overly relaxed state it puts you in is more than worth it.  Very quickly lying your head back and shutting your heavy eyes will soon feel irresistible.  I wrote this review during a lazy Sunday afternoon and I can’t think of a more perfect day and time to experience it, the day to recoup, relax, unwind, and catch up on sleep.  OG Kush will go down in the 2020 Kinder Hall of Fame, for sure, but more importantly it won’t last long on the menu and we’ve got a limited supply.  Get this classic while you can!



In late 1993 three Californians teamed up to create one of the most popular strains currently in medicinal marijuana.  John from Grass Valley paired his Chemdawg strain with a male named Secret Ingrediant.  Harold (Putz) from Sunset Beach and Jerry (Cowboy) from Dibble Creek had created Secret Ingredient by crossing Lemon Thai and Old World Paki Kush.  The result is a wonderful true indica strain that can have a very high THC percentage and is well known for delivering a potent body high.

Ocean Grown Kush was the original name of the strain.  Shortened to OG once it became popular.

Buds are dense and well formed.  Good crystal content.  Very rich kush taste to the smoke.  Fantastic Aroma.