Mendo Berry

1/8 oz $35

Mendo Berry sounds like a special green berry that only grows in Humboldt County and will have you winding up naked and passed out in the woods.  This new strongly Indica leaning hybrid isn’t going to cause that thankfully, but its so pungent  I could smell it through the bag – a fun, fruity mixture, like a smoothie or a bag of Froot Loops before Saturday Morning cartoons.  And these nugs are big, but what makes them extra large is the density and hardness of them that remind me of another familiar strain: Girl Scout Cookies. They’re like rocks, but about three times bigger than GSC, so I was expecting a high burn rate and was not disappointed: 8-10 solid, quality hits off a tiny little bud!

The buds themselves have a nice light coloring with just a hint of orange hairs that are so orange they almost look brown. I was excited to try it and like the burn rate, I wasn’t disappointed. Right on the first hit I was feeling the changes and feeling good with the high lasting around 30-40 minutes, with the strength coming on hard on the front end. Just in time for Thanksgiving, and family gatherings, this is a perfect strain to go on a “walk” with a family member, if you know what I mean.