1/8 oz $45

Review from T-roy:

Melonade doesn’t look too intimidating – it’s darker colored, got an odd, but still strong citrusy smell and flavoring – not like the smack in the face that Tangerine Haze is, though, still very noticeable. But folks, don’t let this one pass you up! I tried it in the morning to start my day with this delectable and delightful little Sativa, and it felt like I was toking on the cannabis equivalent of a glass of mimosa, the citrus aroma even stronger under the flame. In the same way Black Cherry Soda is a social strain, Melonade would be perfect for opening those mental channels for lively conversation and free-flowing clear-headedness. Leaning a bit into hybrid territory, I did feel physically relaxed and chilled, but not enough to go back to sleep. A fun, and mentally stimulating strain, and tasty to boot, Melonade is a perfect strain to set a relaxed mood, or work on something with complete peace of mind too – be aware, though, this isn’t the kind of strain for focusing on getting serious work done – but something to ease the mind into cerebral awareness and clarity, but also body relaxation. Just expect to feel like walking through a melon grove, or even a grapefruit field while experiencing it.