Loch Ness

1/8 oz $30

Review from driver T-roy:

The new Outdoor Hybrid Loch Ness is one of the best hybrids we’ve carried this side of Gorilla Glue.  Big, beautiful thick nugs that are both parts light but dense crackle open like that fruit Rafiki broke open to slather Simba’s forehead with its juices. Im surprised at the strength of each rip of my pipe and I’m stoney, droopy eyed, and happy almost instantly. The burn rate is great too getting 6-7 hits and combined with the size of these flowers your pocketbook with stay fat while you get high. And this offers a perfectly stoney, heady high too. Similar to the way the buds smell like…well, like marijuana. Generally there’s a wild nature aroma, a hay loft scent, or a classic fruit or berry smell, but this strain really just smells like the sweet whiff of good quality bud, and not much else, almost like one of those non-distinct average looking strains that turns out to be out-of-this-world amazing. And don’t think that doesn’t happen. And don’t think Loch Ness are average looking flowers either. They are distinct, large, and pretty. Loch Ness is a fast acting hybrid too, one that got me ripped on the first hit that I immediately wanted to compare it to the other legendary hybrid on the menu: Gorilla Glue. If you’re looking for a new hybrid flower similar in strength and effect, but bigger and denser than Gorilla Glue, we got you covered with the outdoor Loch Ness. If you take a walk around a lake while you’re on this, just let’s us know if you spot any creatures poking out of the water.