1/8 oz $45

Smelling deliciously pungent and tearing up your throat, the new Limeade is a limey (duh) flavored strain that will keep you coughing, lift your day, and pick you up. This is a lighter and gentler sativa but will still get the job done of waking you up and setting your mood right.  It does burn pretty fast but the first initial hits will get your eyes watery and buzzing and feeling good right away. No two or three hits to feel something. Limeade is more of a middle grade sativa, even leaning into hybrid territory, but you certainly can expect no couch-lock or drowsiness from these little energy nugs.

The high, while gentle but offering up the coughs, lasts a good hour, way longer than most.  Still, that distinct lemony-lime flavoring is certainly there to match the light green coloring. And the first hits are the strongest since the burn rate is pretty fast, but those first hits are where it’s at, lifting you and getting your high on real quick.  This would be a fantastic strain for a beginner smoker or even someone who may have had a bad experience with stronger sativa strains.  Gentle, alert, and quick, the new Limeade is on the menu!