Lemon Dosi

1/8 oz $50

Last week we got a hold of three new strains from one of our best growers, all of them top notch and offering a fantastic experience. Lemon Dosi was one of those very strains and quite honestly was the most boring looking one of the bunch – an unassuming, dark green hue with a smaller bud structure – but wowza don’t let that fool you, because this nondescript, average-looking strain packs the most punch of the three of them. Which, in my experience, is usually par for the course. Like with good lovers, it’s usually the ones you don’t suspect that offer up the funnest, most satisfying time.  Lemon Dosi, unsurprisingly, is like that and even has a strong lemony citrus (of course) flavoring and aroma , but the effects were borderline Indica for me.

Heavier, not even couch-locky but more couch-melty for a hybrid, and even a bit sleep-inducing. Every time I tested it I tried to remember the experience but then that hulking and invisible hand that pushes you to lay down on the couch, gently pulling on your eyelids, before slowly sapping your energy? Yeah, that was how it was for me. Doesn’t mean that will for you, but this is certainly a weightier Hybrid. The burn rate for it is fantastic though, with a good 7-8 hits from this denser but still sticky-squishy enough to get you lifted. Or put you down, however you may react. Lemon Dosi is unassuming in appearance, but don’t let that fool you and let these lemons go bad on the tree!