Legend OG

1/8 oz $45

Legend OG is a presumed OG Kush phenotype that offers a fresh take on a classic. Known for tart, floral, and pungent terpenes, Legend OG stays true to its Kush background. Heavy in effect in large doses, Legend OG works hard to relax the consumer by elevating the mind while helping sooth aches and pains throughout the body. Its sleepy qualities also make it a solid choice before bedtime, but monitor your dosage, as high-THC varieties can overstimulate some minds.

Review from driver T-roy:

Legend OG has a lot going for it.  It’s a fluffy beautiful bud, it’s called Legend OG so that’s gotta mean something right there, but never have I ever popped my head in the unprepped, unweighed bag and started  immediately coughing.  I hadn’t even lit anything yet, heck I hadn’t even packed my bowl yet!  This was just smelling it raw.  Needless to say, I was excited.  The pine and menthol aromas blend wonderfully for a strong, dank combination that fittingly goes with the ease of plucking the buds off the stem, begging to be smoked.  Now, if smelling the bud raw made me cough think about what actually smoking it did to me.   After a few puffs Legend got me lifted mentally but couch locked physically with heavy eyes and even easing into nap mode.  This is a strong strain that is just shy of Wedding Cake level strength.  The taste is flavorful and tad bit sweet like Wedding Cake too.  This would be a great strain to help send you off to snoozeland.  Keep in mind, it’s not Abusive OG where it will simply level you and knock you out, but Legend is more of a gentler experience, offering up a relaxing to heavy high and as a mid-range Indica of not too light and not too heavy, it’s one of the most perfect strains on the menu.