Jet Fuel OG

1/8 oz $35

A colorful and healthy green coloring, a few orange hairs for good measure, and retaining a 30:70 squish-to-dryness ratio, the new Jet Fuel looks so good it could be the cartoon rendition of cannabis. The green got me feeling good too, and ready for a nap.  After just a few hits, with its great burn rate it lasted too, the smoke wrapped around me like a blanket of sleepiness and weighed on my eyelids.  Fully in that dreamy state, sleep could’ve came easily.  Now, this isn’t Abusive where you feel the big invisible hand pushing your head down to the pillow, but Jet Fuel, despite its powered named, is actually a gentle and seductive strain.

I guess like how a good pilot during perfect conditions can glide a huge airliner down a runway and up into the sky.  You’ll be flying too, but in your head as you dream.  The smell of the bud, as well as the smoke, aren’t distinct or overpowering like Tangerine Haze or some extra potent Gorilla Glue, so no worries turning your living room into a cigar lounge. Disclaimer: I had to lay down for a 20 minute power nap halfway through this review. So if that is what you’re looking for, pull up and get refueled and refreshed with some new Indica Jet Fuel!