Ice Cream Cake

1/8 oz $50

The new Ice Cream Cake on the menu is a uniquely tasting, dark colored bud that if this cake were real would have the most delectable mint taste. There’s a bit of dense squish to these flowers to that make up the most distinct characteristics, but their dryness – a good thing for the burn rate – is what makes me think these flowers were even squishier at harvest.

The bud has a unique smell to it that I can’t really put my finger on, though like with the taste, there’s hints of mint. Comically it kind of reminded me of the scent of Drakkar Noir, which after doing some club crawler research is a combination of rosemary, cedar, and lavender, along with some other top notes for an olfactory experience, just as this aromatic flower. Which after just a few hits is an experience in of itself.  Definitely a throat scratcher, the burn is a bit harsh but nonetheless quite effective.

No doubt an Indica, and a fine replacement for GDP, my session was one that offered up heavy and sleepy eyes, a comfy wave of relaxation, and a perfect assistant to my afternoon napping.  This would be one of those great strains for after-dinner smokes to let’s the food really settle and get you ready for a relaxing evening.  Check out the new Ice Cream Cake for a chill and heavy after dinner desert or helpful sleep aid.