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Summary:  A little bit of everything that starts with a cerebral, uplifting high that transitions to a heavier indica feeling over a couple hours with continued use.


Genetics and General Information

Also known as “White Gushers,” this is a hybrid marijuana strain and a member of the Cookies family with Gelato #41 and Triangle Kush parents. People who like it are also going to like Runtz and Zkittlez. Gushers is a high-THC, low-CBD cultivar, and has strong, euphoric effects that can initially feel enervating, then sedating.  Gushers came from a group of growers affiliated with the Cookie Fam on the West Coast in the ’10s, but it can be found worldwide. People consume Gushers for pleasure, wellness, and medical symptom management including pain, nausea, and insomnia.



By Troy

  The new Greenhouse Hybrid Gushers is an aptly named strain, except for unlike the juicy fruity candy containing a liquid center, these nugs hold cumulus clouds within that when touched with fire erupt from your bowl and your mouth in some fabulously satisfying hits. These buds are big round bulbous beauties, with a healthy jungle green color and after the flame hit the flower they glowed like an imploding star. With tendrils of smoke and an excellently high burn rate, this strain was made for relaxing, reading, possibly napping, or just unwinding from a long day. There’s the typical and expected relaxing hybrid vibes running through your body five or six hits deep but the cerebral and brain boosting side of this strain surprised me, which was the perfect combo for me to read and relax on the porch. Want to zone out and scroll your phone? Or watch a movie you’ve wanted to see with the perfect amount of buzz to enhance the experience without totally passing out? Gushers is it. Gushers is that strain you get when you want to binge-watch a streaming show, but if you do, be sure you have plenty of snacks because the one drawback… Or positive, depending on how you look at it… Is that this strain triggered my appetite and the munchies took over my stomach like an invading army. If you smoke this at the end of the day there IS the possibility of napping or falling asleep, but don’t expect a super heavy rest. Though, Gushers after a long day could be the cannabinoid equivalent of melatonin, so proceed how you see fit. The Greenhouse grown Hybrid Gushers is a perfect little bit of everything type of hybrid that is awaiting your weekend afternoon, just make sure you have some real Gushers with you to snack on for your sesh.

Medicinal Uses:

THC dominant Hybrid strains such as Gushers can vary in effectiveness for a wide range of ailments. Patients may find relief from pain, anxiety, stress, digestive issues, migraines, insomnia, muscle spasms or tremors, depression, nausea, and can provide appetite stimulation.

Many patients who smoke for minor symptoms like aches and pain with mild stress or insomnia or just to take the edge off of life without wanting to get super stoned or high are frequently fond of low to moderate strength hybrids.  

Keep in mind that technically all strains are hybrids and there is no such thing as a pure indica or sativa.  Also everyone is different in how they react to medical marijuana.  Some hybrids can express themselves very much as an indica or a sativa.  Others will make you feel like you just smoked an excellent indica and a sativa.