Grease Monkey

1/8 oz $50
Review from driver T-Roy:
  Not particularly clear why the primate named Hybrids like Gorilla Glue and the newest on our menu, Grease Monkey, are extra strong but ooboy do these buds go ape on you!  One hit of the new Indoor Grease Monkey and I got a nice rush of mental energy while my body seemed to relax to the point of wondering how Indica leaning this strain actually was.  If your morning is free, this is an awesome strain to help you enjoy it with some mental creativity and clarity, body stretching, or even going on a walk.
  The high is long lasting too, but with that first strong hit that doesn’t come as a surprise. The buds themselves look special, like they were grown on a distant planet with its light green, lavenders and its overall light frosting coating almost gives it a white coloration too. The smoke is milky and thick, but most importantly, smooth.  With a right-down-the-middle vibe to this hybrid, offering a body relaxation session with a mental boost, you’ll go bananas over this new strain.  Get it while you can!