Grape Lemonade

1/8 oz $50

Review from driver T-roy:

A fruity and awakening meditation in classic Sativa characteristics, the new Grape Trainwreck is fresh to the Kind menu for a lovely brain boosting experience. Dense, hard, and with a splendid burn rate lasting longer than most sativas I’ve seen, Grape Trainwreck is essentially the familiar and well-known Trainwreck but with a bold, distinct, fruity grape taste and aroma. Fans of Trainwreck know the bolstering power of that incredible strain and this one just hits you with some flavor too. A perfect strain to start your day strong, alert, and buzzing with energy, the buds are darker colored and grip the stems like spelunkers clinging to the pit wall deep inside a cave. The first hit is a rush – I could feel my eyes opening fully like after a mild espresso shot or a strong cup of coffee. Definitely a daytime, mood setter, this fragrant and fun new Sativa is also dense as rocks, reminding me of Girl Scout Cookies in its tight, solidity. You can get well over six or even seven hits from one bowl. The smell both burning and not is expectedly tropical, as is the taste. Like a morning smoothie to set your day right. Get you some Grape Trainwreck and crash into your day like a purple runaway Choo-choo into the Union Station of Life.