Grand Daddy Purple

1 g $151/8 oz $451/4 oz $901/2 oz $1801 oz $280

Review from driver T-roy:

I love a good consistent bud, one where you know the quality is top notch, the familiarity is comforting, and the attributes are strong and expected.  Think Gorilla Glue, Blue Dream, or Abusive.  The classics. You know the type and you know what you’re getting. This latest batch of fresh Grand Daddy Purple not only matches the consistency and usual effects of a high quality GDP, but goes above and beyond.  As expected, the tiny, dense, rock-like nugs allow for a high burn rate and a heady, relaxing effect, but it’s an incredibly pungent bud and with a beautiful darkly purple hue and a light dusting of sparkling crystals.

This round of GDP is a lovely strain that has a ‘Middle of the Road’ vibe for an Indica. Very Indica – in no way is this a hybrid – but it won’t completely zonk you out like say Abusive or something equally super heavy, but with that high burn rate of about nine or even ten hits from a single nug, and a heady, feel good all over experience, it’s sure to set your sails for sleep island if enough is smoked. Grandpa will be out like a light.