GMO x Strawnana

1/8 oz $35

Grease Monkey x Strawnana

Review from driver T-roy:

I’ve usually been pretty tepid about the Strawnana strain. Is it weak, or light, or just plain bad? No, not at all, but I would usually  categorize that strain in with some very middle of the road experiences. But I must say the new GMO x Strawnana must have some extra boosters in that GMO because my first hit was like a smoky punch to the face that made me….what? High? Yes, absolutely, but it was the speed of which it hit and how quickly the seed of this review was already forming in my head that really took me by surprise. I feel this definitely IS middle of the road as far as it being a solid hybrid (mental stimulation/body peace) but there something a little more…intense about it.  The lifted high-ness and floating easy-peasy vibes, along with the watery eyes and strong cough to follow, were abundant and quite long lasting and got me wondering if there was some added ingredients to help bolster the canabanoids to a new level, or something to strengthen the Turpines. In any case, this one jumped out as a little more special than usual and it was very apparent from the first rip. I think most of you will notice this flowers strength right away too.