Fire Rocks-Tangie

1 g $20

Review from driver T-roy:

If you visited a dispensary at any point in the last half decade you most likely have heard about Moon Rocks – a sure fire way to get really high really quickly. Almost like you’re on a Bezos Rocket about to visit the real moon. What Moon Rocks are is a top shelf bud dipped in hash oil and then rolled in kief. Yeah. Added to this, no one really knows who started making these originally. It was popularized by the rapper Kurupt with his own marijuana brand, but the actual history and origin of them is as hazy and fuzzy as your brain will be after smoking this. Now, what we have brand new on the Kind menu is from a company called Apollo’s with their Fire Rocks, which described on their pamphlet is a “premium Indica flower, infused with Apollo crumble, and finished with high quality kief. Testing over 51% THC consistently, and available in grams.” Wearing the Review as well as the Quality Control hat for Kind, I tried one of these and let me tell ya, not only does it absolutely do the job of getting you really high and feeling amazing, but it smelled like I was burning incense in my house. We have six flavors at the moment: Tangie, strawberry, OG Kush, mango, peach, and the one I tried, blueberry. I think this may be some of the sweetest smelling smoke that’s ever emitted off the Kind menu. It’s like candy for your olfactory senses. The only drawback is visually, not that that matters when you’re drifting through space, because they look like rabbit pellets mixed with earwax, and they come in these tiny flat glass jars. Because of their shape, you can try this one of two ways. You can do like what I did and pick off a little bit of it at a time and put it on top of some crumbled bud as a booster or sprinkle it in your bowl and try a little bit on its own to see how it affects you. Or you could also go the other route and smoke the whole thing in one session and be blazed for several hours after. It burns with the same consistency as bubble hash or anything else waxy, becoming a burning hotspot in your bowl. But with a combination of flower, crumble, and kief you’re basically smoking a marijuana turducken. Apollo’s Fire Rocks are fire! So fire, I’ll be adding these to my own weekly buys. And several of you have asked before over the years if we ever carry Moon Rocks. How about you come warm up your lungs with some brand new Fire Rocks instead…