Diamond OG

1/8 oz $45

Review from driver T-roy:

With a name like Diamond OG I’m expecting a high quality experience and ooboy I wasn’t wrong.  The new Diamond OG is a powerful and quick-acting Indica that had me fighting sleepy eyes after one hit.  One hit!  These beautiful little nugs are primed and ready to knock you out and get you in a relaxed state after a stressful day or set the tone for the evening – if you can stay awake that is.  After two hits, I’m still fighting the drowsiness as my eyelids feel like dumbbells.  There’s a continuing sliding sensation that has me eyeing my pillow.  Like some of the last couple of unsuspecting looking (not to mention unsuspecting smelling) buds, Diamond OG is a tricky strain that comes on hard and fast.  And if you break for an hour, when you come back it’s still here, ready to kick ass and take names all over again.  This bud leans middle grade Indica to heavy, so if you’re looking to get a solid nights rest and a guaranteed relaxing session, this diamond in the rough will be the perfect solution.