Death Star

1/8 oz $45

We’ve had countless Star Wars strains over the years – Skywalker, Obi-Won, and Chewy – all jump to mind immediately.  But the new Death Star – a spicy, pungent hybrid – will help you find balance within the Force and blow your throat out like the Empire destroyed the Alderaan System.  After a few hits you’ll be breathing like Darth Vader in no time but floating like Luke in a relaxing haze, like taking a mud bath in Dagoba.  The burn rate and quality of the bud is fabulous too, allowing at least four to five hits per bud.

Staying on that target, you’re rewarded with a gentle, relaxing high that could really teeter either way, to a sleepy and even more relaxing experience like falling from higher ground to a cerebral and even creative headspace that could give George Lucas a run for his money – finding that true balance with The Force, it just depends on you, young Paddawan, your mood, and the time of day or night.  Death Star is a cerebral and bodily balance that will have you floating through the stars but conjuring up space operas while you do.