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Relaxing and euphoric.  Very diverse and nuanced nose.


Genetics and General Information

Lava Cake is a potent indica-hybrid strain that was born to the parents of Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies and Grape Pie. That is some pedigree! Thin Mints is a legend, an incredible balanced hybrid while Grape Pie is relaxing sour and sweet indica strain. Together they create this delicious smelling flower known for relaxing and sometimes sleep inducing effects.



By Mike

Often I go into these reviews blind, having never tried the strain or at least not this batch. That is not the case with Lava Cake, I have had it on several occasions and I love it. This review will be a total pleasure! As usual my review is a ground up bud in a clean pipe and my first hit of the day. Grinding up a small bud to prepare for smoking unleashes a wonderful sweet smell. Seriously, the varieties of hints of flavor are quite diverse. Fruity, spicy, minty and grape all dance around my nose holes. I’m loaded up and ready to go, let’s test that first hit.

Effects start off slow. I was feeling just a bit off before I started, a little nauseated. That angry belly has been subdued. Still a minor buzz, a slight wave of decompression just rolled over me. Some might think running your own MJ delivery business is nothing but fun and games. It is awesome in its own way, but holy cow it can get stressful. I’m feeling better. It is time for a second dose of Lava. Now things feel a bit slower. Indica dominant strains are harder to review and this one is no different. It’s just hard to write! I feel so much better than I did just 30 minutes ago when I started this. The biggest thing is I just feel relaxed. It was a busy day on the road today and I was still a little wound up, but not now. No no no, I am unwound. This strain works for me for a little pain mitigation as well. It’s like if you just forget about it and ignore the body you can bury some of the pain. I feel both mellow and a bit euphoric.

After finishing the bowl I showered and was able to get a little more work in. Including taking the pictures of Lava Cake you probably just looked at. I’d say it’s an excellent all around high that is both uplifting and very relaxing. After a bit it transitions into a very nice sleep aid. Either by genetics and effect this one could have been labeled an indica or a hybrid as it dances right on that line.

By Troy

Usually at restaurants or bars, anything notably spicy ends up being associated with volcanos or fire. The new Indoor Hybrid Lava Cake would be the Kind Deliveries version for sure. With its very distinct look—gorgeous orangey-yellow coloring with an undertone of green—its obvious density and thickness, and of course, that spicy, peppery, and flavorful smell, Lava Cake is surprisingly easy going and relaxing for such a fragrant and piquant flower. Given it is a Hybrid so the breezy vibes are marginally expected. With that outstanding smell comes thick summery clouds of smoke and with that nearly Girl Scout Cookie level of density and bulbous structure comes a fantastic burn rate too – at least 5-7 hits from some nugs. I’m feeling relaxed, peaceful, and calm but minus any Brain Fog. I’m feeling good, but of course this could very easily over-relax a novice smoker and set them sailing into a slow burning sleep that moves like a lazy river of hot magma down a mountain. Leafly calls Lava Cake “…ideal for after work, lazy days off, or for anyone seeking to relax.” And with this being a very Indica leaning hybrid, along with some balmy long weekends in our future, Kind is well stocked with this buoyant, chillaxing, easy going bud. Lava Cake is up and ready on the menu to set the tone of your summer days this season so don’t get burned and miss out!

Medicinal Uses:

THC dominant Hybrid strains such as Lava Cake can vary in effectiveness for a wide range of ailments. Patients may find relief from pain, anxiety, stress, digestive issues, migraines, insomnia, muscle spasms or tremors, depression, nausea, and can provide appetite stimulation.

Many patients who smoke for minor symptoms like aches and pain with mild stress or insomnia or just to take the edge off of life without wanting to get super stoned or high are frequently fond of low to moderate strength hybrids.  

Keep in mind that technically all strains are hybrids and there is no such thing as a pure indica or sativa.  Also everyone is different in how they react to medical marijuana.  Some hybrids can express themselves very much as an indica or a sativa.  Others will make you feel like you just smoked an excellent indica and a sativa.