Chocolate Gorilla

1/8 oz $45

With an immediate spicy, woody taste from the very first hit, and giving up plenty of coughs, the new Greenhouse Hybrid Chocolate Gorilla offers up a chest pounding, wild, and flavorful experience! The tickle in your throat is from the smoke swinging on your uvula just like the jungle branches in Koko and Harambe’s dreams. And like a family of Silverbacks trouncing through the tropical forest, the smoke will also trounce your lungs. There is a definite wilder, more natural flavor to this bud, like joining that primate family and scouring the jungle with them, but being a Greenhouse grown bud, that should come as no surprise.

And with those roaring coughs your living space will leave you with the perfect ‘Gorillas In The Mist/Smoke” vibe to enjoy your floating high. The effects are instant and strong as well, lifting you to the treetops and giving your mind a bit of buoyancy. This is a definite true Hybrid because my mind was still relatively sharp but my body undoubtedly relaxed and eased up the tension. Not lie down and take a long banana-dreaming snooze in the long grass, but chill, peaceful, calm. If you’re needing a classic weedy-high experience that will rattle your throat and lungs, Chocolate Gorilla is the new king of the Kind Hybrid jungle.