Cherry Limeade

1/8 oz $50

Review from driver T-roy:

Looking perfectly fluffy, and with a healthy vibrant light green coloring, Cherry Limeade is on the menu with its slightly sweet flavoring and cough inducing effects, you’ll feel like Summer has truly arrived.  Cherry Limeade sounds like the drink (and smoke) of the summer of 21’, doesn’t it? This gentle, chillaxing hybrid is a perfect pairing to warm nights, hot days, and beach visits. I made sure to clean my pipe for this one wanting to get the full effects and flavoring.  There is a tiny hint of sweet citrus to the taste, but the stoney, and even couch-locky vibes are heavy and apparent. Was I ready for a midday snooze? I could’ve if I tried, but I wasn’t really feeling like going down fully. I wanted to enjoy the heightened senses and heady sensations, so while this is a downer, Indica dominated hybrid it shouldn’t put you to sleep. The burn rate is kinda low with maybe four or five hits but the calm and peacefulness came with one of the smaller bud samples, and even with its smaller size I felt the effects for about an hour. Overall, this is a delicious and potent flower to kick off Stoney Summer!