Candy Jack

1/8 oz $45

Review from driver Troy:

Healthy and vibrantly green, and having an interesting mix of sweet and menthol flavors and smells, the new Candy Jack is certainly not lacking in the familiar traits of a Jack strain, so testing it out being a sativa as a nice jump start to the morning was something I was looking forward to.  Packing my bowl with even the tiniest bud was enough to get my eyes watered and coughing up a storm, but most importantly, I was really feeling it.  This sativa burns well in the bowl but fast, though the hits with this strain are powerful enough you don’t need very much.  The high lasts about 30-40 minutes for me.  The bud is a multicolored green with a fine dusting of good stuff, which I think is the culprit for all the intense coughing.  I would consider this a sativa but it leans toward hybrid, as I wasn’t jolted awake but I wasn’t stoney, stupid, or falling into snoozeland either.  I went about my day and felt great, refreshed even.  If you’re looking for a nice pick me up to start your day with the familiar advantages and effects of a Jack strain, Candy Jack, is your sweetest answer.