1/8 oz $45

With a fruity, sweet flavoring just like it’s dreamy, hazy, and coughy brethren, the new Blueberry is what happens when you take Blue Dreams flavoring and taste, sprinkle some stoner magic, and make it an Indica. Yes, you read that right, a BLUEBERRY based strain that ISN’T a Sativa. And it’s really not, either. The way this bud looks is something to consider too: fat nugs with a touch more density than Blue Dream even though they both have similar properties. After toking on a few buds, a calm and peaceful vibe took over and I was floating nicely off the ground. That was during the middle of the day so my session could have gone into napping territory but overall it mainly brought a relaxed, easy vibe. The buds burn really well too, offering up a solid 5-6 hits from your bowl and burning nicely from the density. This is a Indica, so there were the familiar relaxing, calming experience but this gave me a bit of the munchies too, so don’t be surprised if you get a little peckish while you’re winding down. The new Blueberry Indica is a definite switch up from the Sativa-based Blue strains, but you’ll still enjoy a pleasant and fun experience.