Blueberry Cough

1/8 oz $50

Review from driver T-roy:

The new Indoor Sativa Blueberry Cough is like a distant cousin to Blue Dream, similar to the way Purple Dream is but with a bit more wake-up-juice in the exhale. Or rather, wake-up-smoke! Will you cough on this bud? Absolutely, so the name is totally accurate. But what got me excited was the crumbling effects when I tried to break it down for my bowl.  It was dusty, and light, and even reminded me of keif it was so light and flaky. So don’t expect a high burn rate if you take that approach but know one good hit will do wonders for you and will most likely take you where you’re wanting to go. As far as the effects go, I was awake and aware but I did notice my eyes got a little heavy.  So a tiny bit of physical fatigue but mentally I was awake and bright-eyed.  The flavoring and aroma, both dry and lit, are strong and worthy of the effects they bring on, which will have you coughing up blueberries in no time! Blueberry Cough isn’t quite the magic of Blue Dream, but it doesn’t skip on strength and kicking your butt awake to get your day going and your mind abuzz.