Black Lemon Cherry Gelato

1 g $201/8 oz $501/4 oz $1001/2 oz $2001 oz $360

Black Lemon Cherry Gelato is an indica dominant strain with a diverse background. Black Cherry Funk, Acai, Girl Scout Cookies, Sunset Sherbert and at least one unknown strain make up this delectable flower. Grown by the same growers who grow our Apple Fritter. Top reported side effects include feeling relaxed and euphoric.

I love reviewing top Shelf flower. This strain has everything at first glance. Incredible nose on this strain with a very powerful and diverse aroma. Definitely a sweet berry scent in there. Another odd smell I have read described as blue cheese. Perhaps a lemon/lime citrus hint mixed in. The buds look amazing. I see purple and green with orange hairs and so many crystals. Time to dive in.

First hit is pleasant….oh getting stronger. Nice aftertaste as well. I feel really good  This isn’t just a sit on the couch and watch cartoons type of indica, well not yet anyways. I feel uplifted in a warm and happy way. Good body buzz happening. I really like these sorts of strains that are more of an indica dominant hybrid by genetics so early on the high starts more balanced and gets heavier as the night goes on. Ok, so I took a 2nd hit. I told myself 1 was good for now, take some pics of this flower and then enjoy a 2nd hit. But I’m kind of high and I totally forgot that conversation I had with myself. Thus now I’m not sure if I should continue working due to my current compromised cerebral capabilities.

The rest of my night was not all that productive. However, it was relaxing and enjoyable. BLC Gelato is a wonderful new addition to our repertoire of flavors. Very much an indica dominant but wide spectrum high that slowly gives way to a more stoned feeling as time goes on. If we get enough good feedback on this strain and our new Apple Fritter we will look to try new strains from the same grower.