Black Cherry Soda

1/8 oz $50

The bubbles, the fizz, and the cola flavoring may not be there (or the polar bears this time of year 😉 ), but these green and black little monsters are here on the menu to set a calm and peaceful tone to your holiday season. These buds are so dark they actually have flecks of black peppery looking leaves on them and I think this may be one of the darkest colored buds we’ve ever carried, so the name is spot on. The buds have a nice burn rate for getting you going and feeling good, with an average five to six hits before needing to ash. This is a gentle but slow building high that got me peaceful, creative, aware, and just a hint of sleepy, but not enough to make me want to lay down, I was enjoying the high and vibe too much. To be honest, this would be a great bud to share with family in the coming week to relax, enjoy the season, as well as each other’s company.  A perfect bud for setting a mode of holiday cheer and appreciation for surviving this crazy year. Very much a social strain, Black Cherry Soda will put a smile on your face with some lively conversation to boot. Black Cherry Soda is here to bring up peace of mind in 2021. Now who wouldn’t like that?!