Birthday Cake

1/8 oz $30

Wild, woody, piney and even with a hint of sulfur, this outdoor Indica leaning Hybrid is here to kick you into your birthday suit for a relaxing heady experience. And being the Kind Deal of the Year at $30 an 8th, you really can’t go wrong.  You know those buds that look beautiful but then don’t do anything for you, but then you try one that looks a little rough and loose around the edges and it’s straight fire? That’s Birthday Cake, a very unassuming but fast acting, droopy-eyed, flaky bud that had me craving a siesta with tired eyes, zapped energy, and kicking my feet up.

This is one of those strains you smoke on a lazy Saturday afternoon, or a time of no responsibilities or worries, to just drift and enjoy. You know? Like on your YOU Day. I found myself not needing too much either since I felt the effects fairly fast and they were surprisingly long lasting. The burn rate is fantastic and will produce thick and hazy cloud cover throughout your living space with a good five to six solid hits. If you’re looking for a tasty and relaxing way to unwind, lay in bed neked with a fan on you and have a couple hits of this awesome new strain and you’ll tell your problems and responsibilities to let them eat cake.